About us

About In Your Hands

Our Vision:

At In Your Hands, we recognise the strength and commitment it takes to seek change. For those concerned about their behaviour and the impact on loved ones, In Your Hands is a trusted source of information and support. Our goal is to guide people on their journey to making positive changes for themselves and their whānau.

Collaboration and Expertise:

Our content has been developed with family violence specialists, frontline workers, and people who have used violence and been on a journey of change, sharing their personal stories and insights to inspire and guide others. We engaged research agencies the Indigenous Design & Innovation Aotearoa and Kantar Public to seek user feedback and evaluate the site. Combining professional expertise with real-life experiences, we aim to provide an online space that is both informative and deeply impactful.

Why We Exist:

Family violence affects many lives in New Zealand, and our goal is to help people recognise and address behaviours that may be causing harm to their loved ones. If we want to eliminate family violence and sexual violence, then we need to lower the barriers for people who are worried they are frightening or hurting others to seek help. We offer clear and accessible information and access to 24/7 family violence professionals to simplify the journey towards positive change.

Our Digital Initiatives:

Driven by the aim of making sure help is accessible for more New Zealanders, we've introduced a range of digital tools:

Resourceful Websites: Our platform is complemented by the Are You OK website, focusing on supporting those experiencing family violence. It includes a Check it Out relationship tool for people to check unsafe behaviours in their relationship.

Easier access to services:  The Service Finder tool is available on both Are You Ok and In Your Hands. It provides an easy pathway for people to find support services in their area.

24/7 support: We partner with Whakarongorau Aotearoa to provide a 24/7 family violence support service, accessible via phone and online chat.

Looking forward

We plan to continue improving this space for people seeking help for their behaviour online. Over the next few years, we’ll be refreshing the site and adding more content that will help us to reach and support even more people on their journey of change.

Safety and Data Protection:

We're committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that your interactions with In Your Hands remain confidential. Our website is designed for you to access resources without the need to provide any personal information. If you do choose to share any information with us, it is treated with the utmost care, adhering strictly to the Privacy Act 2020. While we gather non-personal data to refine and enhance our services, this information is handled responsibly, and we use tools like Google Analytics to understand website usage without compromising individual privacy.

Our partnership with Whakarongorau Aotearoa ensures that any data shared during 0800 contact support is treated with discretion and sensitivity. We work to uphold the highest standards of data protection and user confidentiality.

For more information about how we use your data please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Contact Information:

Your feedback, questions, and insights are invaluable to us. For assistance, inquiries, or suggestions, please use the contact details below:


For feedback or inquiries related to our website, tools, or resources, you can email: in_your_hands@msd.govt.nz. We aim to respond within 48 hours. Please note, this email inbox is only monitored during business hours and is not managed by family violence support professionals.

Phone Support:

Call us on 0800 456 450 for 24/7 specialist family violence support

Call 111 for emergencies

Online Chat Support:

For immediate assistance, you can use our online chat feature. Click on the LIVE CHAT icon at the bottom corner of your screen to start a conversation with our support team. Our representatives are available to provide real-time support.