Regain calm, clarity and confidence

A 5-minute breathing exercise, designed to promote calm, clarity and confidence. It encourages individuals to find stillness, observe bodily sensations and accept any discomfort or tension they may encounter. By anchoring awareness in the present moment through mindful breathing, the practice aims to foster a sense of inner peace and connection with one's body.

A woman speaks:

"This is a 5-minute breathing space practice that you can use anytime, anywhere, to regain calm, clarity and confidence. To begin, become physically still wherever you are...either lying, sitting or standing. Choose a posture where you will be able to be comfortable as possible, and lightly close your eyes...

Allow your weight to sink into the point of contact between your body and the the chair or the bed. Take some time to notice sensations in the body. If there are none, then that's okay too. If you notice any tension or resistance towards painful or unpleasant sensation, gently turn towards them.

Accept them as best as you can. If you begin to tense around the breath, then let go a little bit more with each out-breath. Notice any thoughts as they arise and pass through the mind. See if you can let them come and go without seeking to identify with the content. Observe them as if they were clouds in the sky. Notice any feelings and emotions as they arise.

Let these come and go. Now, allow your awareness to gather around the experience of your breathing deepening into the body. Drop your awareness inside your breath and feel the different sensations in front, back, and aside of the torso. Feel your awareness within the flow of movement of the breath. Feel the weight and shape of your body as it sits, stands, or lies.

If you got any pain or discomfort, make sure your awareness stays open. Cultivate acceptance or acknowledgement for all of your experiences. Befriend them. Use the breath to anchor your awareness in the present moment. Breathing into the body noticing each inhale and exhale, again and again."